Being Mentally Prepared For Survival

Survival is not only about getting the right gear—also it’s about having the right state of mind. It’s quite easy to believe that you can withstand the rigors of survival. True survivors believe that they will survive, and they know that because they have already prepared themselves for the possible harsh realities. You’ve got all the right equipment. Technically, the disaster strategy is perfect. And then, as catastrophe unfolds, you can still find yourself fighting to survive. Why will you be fighting? It’s because of one component that can always defy even the strongest plans: the human element.

You have all the resources you need: rationed food, the supplies to cook, and all the requisite protective gear.  Now comes the moment of realization, and you find yourself with no idea of how to even use an important piece of equipment. Gear you don’t know how to use appropriately is as useful to you as the gear you left at home. How many individuals actually take the time to understand how to use their equipment by merely reading the instruction manuals? The distinction between becoming a real survivor versus a weekend warrior is how you address that issue.

The best way to know for sure that you’re able to use your tools is to take the time to know. By preparing semi-regular meals with the appliances of your emergency kit, you’ll feel safe using it in cases when it becomes necessary. Become acquainted with your survival equipment, because not only can you be confident in advance that you know how to use it, but that it will respond to your needs. The only real way to realize that you’re able to count on your supplies is from the practice of using them.

Of all the gear and stuff you need to live, the most important thing is to know that you can count on yourself. It’s easy to believe that you’re prepared to face the survival challenges, only to find yourself exhausted in the worst possible moment. The shock of going from everyday life to emergency survival mode will cause a lot of stress. Stress will ruin the best planning in the universe. Of course, this has always been taken into account by a strong survivor.

Find the time to get acquainted with the lifestyle you’re going to live in an emergency before it becomes necessary. The brain is the most significant tool we have. Make sure you can count on your mind when the moment arises, and you’re already taking one of the most crucial moves on the route to survival preparation. Much like your gear, the only way to know if you’re ready is to take the measures to ready yourself. The further shock the transition from your daily schedule, the better you’re able to adapt. Begin by spending a few days a month away from all the conveniences of daily life. They are obviously not going to be there after the disaster, because you’ll know just what it takes to get by without them.