Best DIY Pesticides For Your Garden

It can be really devastating when voracious bugs attack and destroy your once beautiful garden in a couple of minutes. The feeling gets even worse, especially when the gardener used a good part of their time and energy pruning and taking care of the plants.

 However, the disappointments will become a thing of the past by the time you are done reading this article.

We will learn about some of the most beneficial DIY pesticides and insecticides used in tackling destructive pests in today’s topic.

You can always use pesticides as a back-up solution to counter the insects. But the tricky part of using the pesticides is their toxic nature. You will also have to go through un-ending trips to the stores to purchase a “more effective” brand that eventually leads into a costly affair. That is why we recommend the usage of a toxic-free but highly lethal home-made pesticide.

 Listed below are some of our DIY pesticides made from ingredients that are common and readily available.

Pure soap mixed with Olive Oil

The absence of synthetic chemicals found in detergents, moisturizers, and bleach makes pure soap a perfect ingredient for a DIY insecticide. For you to enjoy a positive outcome, you will need some olive oil together with pure soap.


• In one gallon of water, add five tablespoons of pure soap.

• Mix the solution, then add two tablespoons of your preferred cooking oil.

The recipe works efficiently due to the oil’s ability to stick on the plant’s leaves and stems.

Pure soap mixed with water 

The recipe works well for leafy plants such as lettuce as they are more sensitive to harsh insecticides. This insecticide has some form of similarities to the one provided above though less powerful.


• In a gallon of water, add 2 ½ tablespoons of pure soap.

• The recipe does not need oil as the solution must be diluted enough.

The insecticide is highly efficient on destroying pests and a preferred choice for easily damaged vegetation.

Water and Tobacco

Using tobacco as the main ingredient for this pesticide is a bit unusual. However, when the plants absorb the nicotine present in the tobacco, the bugs get killed once they devour parts of that particular plant.

In case the plants you are spraying by use of tobacco are for consumption, the process needs to be done at the early stages of the plant’s life. The process creates ample time for the withdrawal of nicotine before one consumes the plant thus avoiding intoxication.


• In a gallon of water, add a cup of tobacco.

• Boil the ingredients for 30 minutes.

• Filtrate the extract and allow it to cool.

You can also put in pure soap, depending on your preference.

Orange Skin

In case you want to wipe out ants from your garden, then orange peels are the way to go. You will need to peel two or three oranges. Have your blender ready. Put some water in the blender, and the orange pills, then blend them until a fine solution is formed.

Lastly, take your solution, pour it into an anthill within your vicinity and pour it inside.

Onion Spray, Chili and Garlic

This is one of the most efficient insecticides on our list. However, it is not recommended for house use due to its intense smelly character.


• Crush one garlic together with a bulb of onion.

• In the mixture, add a tablespoon of ground chili peppers.

• Put all the ingredients into ½ a gallon of boiling water.

• Sieve out the waste into a clean container.

• Add a tablespoon of pure soap into the solution.

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