Four Camping Must Needed Hacks for Summer

Summer is here and everyone is heading or planning for camping. Well, the internet is flowing with hacks of summer camping. Here are a few practical and must-needed hacks for the people whorl are kicking off their camping session. Readout the list and secure yourself, family, and friends from unexpected issues, you can encounter during camping.

Deal with Bugs

When you are hiking or camping, there would be one thing you will meet for sure, bugs. Every camper wants to get rid of these bugs and their bite. One of the easiest hacks is to ignite fire around the camp. This will keep the bugs away from you and your camp. Well, there is a plant sage, you can add this into the fire. It has a natural aroma that will keep the bugs away from your tent. It has some spice rack that does not allow insects to come close. Well, do not use its spice in cooking, you can use this spice in firing up the grass. Apart from this plant, you can add your organic cooking spices to the fire. Lit the fire and sprinkle the spice on it. The aroma or smell will keep the creepy crawly insects away. Another tactic is lit-up fire from cow pie. The smell can flow away from the bugs, flies, and insects. There is one more thing that can do this job, Citronella Tiki torches. They can keep the bugs away from the camp. Moreover, you can also burn the citronella oil in a lamp and that will be good for your purpose. In case of tick attachment, do not get panic, take a cotton ball, apply some liquid soap on it, then place it on the insect. The tick will get attached to the cotton ball and leave your skin.

Storage of TP

When you plan your camping, make sure you have enough toilet papers to use. Moreover, buy small sizes that can easily adjustable in coffee cans or small bins. Well, in case you run out of TPs during your stay, you can use a natural herb that will give you a soft touch, Mullein. This is the nicest plant that can be used as an alternative to toilet paper. Also, it is easy to find this herb in mountains and jungles. If you do not have knowledge about the plants or you cannot recognize the Mullein, then take a leaf to use it on the skin. If it does not irritate you, then use it. 

Cooking in Camping

When you need to cook camping, you can use leaves, wood, and sticks to liting up the fire. For cooking, you need evergreen fires. Thus, use natural and non-toxic plants for making your meals. For a campfire, you should use radiant heat. But, do not out your pan on it. Wait until it is completely burnt. When it comes into the coal shape, then you are ready to cook food.

Stay Away from Poisons and Harmful Weeds

Some of the weeds are not harmful you find in the jungle. But, you do not know what exactly an herb is causing you. Thus, you can find some useful and healthy weeds in toxic herbs as well. For that, you need to recognize the useful plants, take out some leaves and rub them on your skin. The procedure will lessen down the ivy’s effect.

Moreover, there are so many other beneficial things in the jungle, you can find. If you run out of coffee or tea, use Dandelion or chicory root and make a passable coffee. Some people have tried it and did not like the taste. Thus, before making coffee, you can roast it before beating it. This will definitely give you your desired aroma and taste.

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