Short Trail

Short Trail delle Orchidee

Short Trail delle Orchidee: Shorter route with departure from Forni di Sotto and arrival on the Passo Pura. 20Km D+1650m.

Short Trail of Orchidee: an invitation to the High Alps, a race of 20.2 km, 1650 m D +, D- 1000 m, from Forni di Sotto to Passo Pura.
A climb of almost 1,000 meters trough forests of beech and fir forests to reach the enchenting Costa Baton, a casera ( little house in mountain where they work milk )that became a "capanna alpina", where the effort of the body melts into happiness.
From 1800 meters of altitude, isolated larches allow glimpses of the wild Carnic Alps. But it is 200 meters higher, reached the watershed between Val Tagliamento and basin of Lake Sauris, that the scenario gives more emotions with the jagged outline of the Friulian Dolomites and the deep valleys on the south, the harsh peaks of the Carnic Alps and the Tauri down to a thousand shades of green forests and moors and the turquoise of the lake on the north.
For 4 Kilometers, at 2000 meters of altitude, the route twists and turns in a airy track and incomparably beautiful landscape before diving through rhododendrons, larches, fir and beech forests to the 1417 meters of the Passo Pura