A development of 120 km and 8200 meters  D+(D- 7260). For a best understanding ,the route has been divided into 7 parts, each of which reports Km and partial differences in level. Refreshment stations are provided (with liquids and solids). On the route there will be some checkpoints (also not marked), 3 time barriers, 3 medical service points,3 drop out bus points, 1 deposit for athlete packs in the  halfway and 1 rest area.

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Tratto Tratto 1 - Km 17 | D+1950 D-760
From the main square of Ampezzo (550 m) there is about 1 km of asphalt road before taking a path that intersects after another km the provincial road to the Rifugio Tita Piaz (770 m). After about 3 km and various bends, the path crosses the asphalt road again at an altitude of 1400 meters and a little further on, it reaches the plain of the Passo Pura(Km 7 - 1430 m).Passing near the Shene Welde farm and leaving the Rifugio Tita Piaz on the right, you descend on asphalt for 200 meters where you turn left to a forest road ) that leads to Casera Tìntina (Km 10.9 - 1495 m). Once past the pastures, the road ends and you continue on the path 215 that climbs up to the Forca di Montôf (1822 m). Once there, leaving the ,you go up west for a few meters up to a pass and continue along the . After about 3 km you meet the

234 (2006 m altitude) just below the Passo Zàuf and you go down it through an alpine heath until you reach Casera Giaveàda (Km 17 - 1684 m).

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Tratto 2 - Km 18,9 - D+1280 D-1770
From Casera Giaveàda you go up  in the first on a  larch forest, then trough a prairie. The ascent, which has become steeper, leads to Pian delle Streghe, a moraine plateau formed on the slopes of Monte Bìvera. It is recommended to carefully follow the trail signs that draw a path initially irregularly flat, then downhill, then steeply uphill on a scree until it joins  the . At Forca del Bìvera (Km 21 - 2330 m) the trail initially descends on a scree, then on grassland and then in larch forest up to Casera Chiansavèit (Km 23.9 - 1702 m). From the Casera the route continues on dirt road. After 3 km  you reach the provincial road that connects Casera Razzo to Sauris di Sopra, only 1400 meters of asphalt before returning on the path to the Sella di Riòda (Km 28.8 - 1809 m).  You go along the path around the Monte Palone for 1,7 km, then on the left you reach the near Casera Riòda at an altitude of 1790 meters. The path, initially flat, suddenly becomes steep and tortuous and descends to the bottom of the valley till casera Tamarùt (Km 34.8 - 1260 m). A roadway, crossed the two streams Mimòias and Ampède at their confluence, quickly leads to the square of  Pian di Casa  locality in Val Pesarina (Km 35.9 - 1326 m) ,where begins the ascent of the homonymous mountains. ore 12:00
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Tratto 3 - Km 11,7 - D+820 D-900
First on the , then turning left in Clap Piccolo (1660 m) on the .after doubling the bell tower of Mimòias, in a few meters you reach the Passo Elbel (Km 39.1 - 1963 m) . The same path gently descends into a grassy valley, then steeply over the  Torrente Enghe  till the at a height of 1434 meters. The trail continues along the river, crosses the Rio del Gufo and turns into a forest road that, with a modest descent into a dense forest of firs, leads to the houses of Sappada. A short stretch of asphalted road crossing the  Fiume Piave leads to the refreshment area at the Baita Mondschein (km 46.5 - 1180 m).
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Tratto 4 - Km 14,9 - D+1790 D-770
The path continues along the asphalt road towards Sappada ,crossing the Regional Road 355 (km 47,3 - 1240 m). For a wooden bridge  you  cross the stream and go up the  Calvary path. This shortcut allows you to take the at first on asphalt, then on a forest trail ,then on  a track to reach in about 3 km  the Rifugio Sappada 2000 (Km 50.7 - 2026 m). Proceed towards the North-East along a dirt road and then towards the North ( )losing and regaining altitude up to the Casera D'Olbe; after a slope, you reach the Votive Chapel of the Laghi d’Olbe(Km 53.3 - 2164 m). You continue the climb on the , arriving at 2356 meters of the Passo del Mulo,  the maximum altitude reached by the Ultra Traildelle Orchidee. Descending from the scree, in Sella Franza you turn right into a path() )  which ,after some bends, descends under Cima Lastroni and near the Passo del Roccolo becomes a forest track in a pleasant larch forest. When you get to the Strada Comunale delle Sorgenti del Piave (Km 59.2 - 1818 m), you follow it for only 100 meters towards  east: at the parking you go up the dirt road under the Monte Peralba massif and in just under 2 Km you will reach the Calvi Refuge (Km 61.4 - 2164 m). ore 19:00
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Tratto 5 - Km 16,3 - D+830 D-1390
From the Rifugio Calvi,  you continue on the to the Passo Sesis at 2312 meters, then, through the , you go up to Passo Cacciatori and descend the steep path to the 1680 meters of Casera di Casa Vecchia.  You take the forest road and follow the asphalt road that goes down the Val Sèsis for about 500 meters before entering the Sentiero Naturalistico Piave(Km 66) , 6 - 1640 m). The trail touches the  Baita Rododendro , the  Baita Piani di Cristo and crosses the asphalt road several times till the town of Cima Sappada (Km 72.6 - 1290 m). After crossing the Regional Road 355 you descend through a forest path between meadows for 600 meters, then you take the to its confluence in the , under the north wall of Monte Siera. Shortly before the Passo Siera(Km 77,7 – 1592 m) the should be abandoned for the .
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Tratto 6 - Km 22,7 - D+1480 D-1760Beyond the Passo Siera, the becomes a forest trail and with numerous bends it descends to the bottom of the valley in the locality of Culzèi. Here you take the Regional Road 465 to the East for about 1 km (short tunnel), then take a path that descends to the Torrente Pesarina ,cross it and continue on the forest road for another km until you reach the Rifugio CAI Casera da Cuesta  ( Km 84.6 - 902 m). ore 01:00You go on the 204  at first in a steep climb in a dense pine forest, then easier in larch, then on pastures passing through Casera Vinadia Grande at an altitude of 1734 meters and, after a fork at an altitude of 1881 meters,  Casera Pièltinis (Km 94,7 – 1739 m).Continue trough alpine heaths on the passing the Monte  Rinder Perk  , and 100 meters below you turn off for an easy path ( , small flags). At 1440 meters, you reach the municipal road linking Sauris di Sotto and Lateis. Leaving the  Rifugio Eimblateribm on the right,  you follow the municipal road for 200 meters and turn left into a flat forest trail. After another 300 m you turn left (sign "Baita Minigher") for a flat path and then for a modest climb reaching 2 km to the fraction of Lateis (Km 101,5 – 1280 m).
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Tratto 7 - Km 16,5 - D+810 D-1610 Along the paved road and paths, you quickly arrive at La Maina, on the Lago di Sauris (altitude 981), and in less than 2 km to the dam. Just passed on the dam of Lago di Sauris , in the direction of the Passo Pura , you enter a tunnel (300 meters, artificially illuminated); at the exit, covered only 200 meters (Km 105.4 - 980 m), you leave the asphalt road for a path on the left side  and climb about 1 km in the Bosco Flòbia ,until you come across a forest trail that crosses the asphalted road at an altitude of 1300 m ( ). The route continues on the didactic path of the Bosco Flòbia and then takes the path for blind  people . in less than 500 meters it reaches the Rifugio Tita Piaz. (Km 111 – 1417 m).

Proceed to the Agriturismo Shene Welde, over the Passo Pura plateau, begins a steep descent on a mule track; after 2.5 km, at an altitude of 770 m, the asphalt road intersects and continue on a path up to the village of Ampezzo. In about 1200 meters of paved road you reach the main square of the village, starting and finishing point of the Ultra Trail. Stop at 11:00am
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