Ultra Trail

Ultra Trail delle Orchidee

A development of one hundred and twenty thousand meters and with a positive difference in height that exceeds the eight kilometers is equivalent to two Imalaiane climbs: instead it is the Ultra Trail delle Orchidee.

Here is the latest creation by "Life in Sport":
The "Ultra Trail delle Orchidee", an adventure of almost 120 KM with over 8000 D+ in height through the most evocative places of the Carnic Alps.
Departure at the stroke of midnight on Friday 27 July 2018 from the Piazza di Ampezzo "Free Capital of Carnia 1944", the run crosses the beautiful Sauris basin at the first light of dawn and then it has its turning point at Sappada, on the border of Austria.
A very technical trail that crosses six forks and crosses four valleys ideologically united, Sauris and Sappada, very similar but representative of the linguistic and cultural diversity of Carnia. Overhanging walls of Dolomia and limestone, scree, lakes, rivers, pastures, beech and fir woods ...... .. all this only for 150 intrepid participants who will challenge their will for 120 KM to be completed in the maximum time of 30 hours.