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1 June 2015
2° tratto dal Km 10 al Km 20
8 June 2015
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Try route TDO – 7 june 2015

They were placed new indications ( pink arrow on a white field with the logo TDO ) from the refuge Tita Piaz until Forca di Montof . The next strep, up to Casera Cjansavèit, will be reported within 10 days .
We plan to finish the development of the trails by 25 June: at the moment there are landslides in ( but still easily walkable) to Km 5-6 and 24-25 .
We also report that the Km 42 of the 750 m ( 190 m + D ) of trail ranging from the paved road, 50 meters after the end of a tunnel lit the dam, the forest track is currently reported by yellow tape .