When you’re dealing with a personal injury claim, you might not know how to proceed.  You will need an attorney of course, but how can you determine the best one for you? The answer is simple, and in this, we’ll go over the best questions to ask the personal injury attorney, and why they matter? 

What fields of law do you specialize in? 

Not every attorney has the same qualifications for everything, just like how every doctor doesn’t have the same qualifications to do everything. You want to get lawyers that will specialize in what you need, so make sure that you ask this first. 

Have you taken cases similar to what I have? How’d it end up? 

Just because someone is a personal injury attorney in the area you need doesn’t mean they’re skilled in it. New lawyers, or those who are still learning might not be right for you. Most of the time, you can look up information about cases prior to this, and what you might need.  But also understand that the past actions are of no indication of how they will do for your case, but just a ballpark estimate. 

Will anyone else be working on this case? 

This isn’t just a one-person show, contrary to what TV shows. Most of the time, this is handled by case managers, and also junior attorneys, so it does vary in terms of qualifications.  You may want to make sure you know exactly who is in your case, and even ask for names and their credentials. 

This is important as well because if you have a specific case and a certain type of qualification for the attorney, then this is an important factor to consider. 

How long does it take you to resolve this kinds of cases 

If you’re wanting a quick result fast, you want someone who is quick. You should ask how long the disputes and legal proceedings will be, since it can be determined by a number of things.  While this isn’t always accurate, it’s something good to know. 

Do You Work on Contingency? 

This is typically how a lot of lawyers work. They will take a part of the settlement if there is a positive outcome. This is called the contingency fee.  For long personal injury cases, it’s better if you don’t get an hourly one, since this gets expensive very quickly, on top of the medical bills that are coming in. 

How can I improve my chance of the case doing well? 

There are some things that you might be able to do to affect the outcome of the case. 

Sometimes, you can give the attorney a bit of leverage over this, so don’t be afraid of helping out as best as you can, since they are willing to go to lengths for you. 

How often do you go to trial? 

This can also help determine payout as well. This is important to ask since the attorney will look at the factors that are needed for the case. If the attorney is rarely hitting the trail, that’s a sign of a quick payoff, and that you’re not going to get the maximum amount that you deserve. This is important to ask since it does determine the overall state of how you’re going to fare as well. When it comes to attorneys, asking the right questions is good, and for a lot of people, it can help determine whether or not an attorney is right for you, and whether they’re the right ones for the job. 


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